Dust Bunnies: Secret Agents is the exciting story of a child’s adventures into the world of the dust bunnies, tiny little bunnies that live in a world under the bed and out of sight.

Dust Bunnies is an immersive story, where the child becomes a character in the story.  Their appearance and name are woven into the story so they become a part of the action.  The first release of Dust Bunnies includes over 475 recorded names.  The story plays just fine if we don’t have yours yet, too.

About the Author

Deanna Roy is the author of numerous novels, short works and books for children.  In addition to writing she runs a photography studio and a small press in Austin, Texas.  Some of her other books for children include Jinnie Wishmaker, Mr. Kent’s Wall of Wonders and Kids Show Kids How to Make Balloon Animals.



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